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TAIT 0426: Oracle 12c Database Administration

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This is an outstanding course and “yes”, I would recommend that DBAs and other Oracle users take this course to improve their skills.- Student

I have not worked as a DBA before, so the course introduced me to this field. The instructor was tactful enough to let me catch up in a way that did not draw the class behind. - Student

George Mason University partners with Oracle in the Oracle University program. Official Oracle curriculum is utilized in our Oracle 12c Database Administration program. Our instructors are Oracle Certified Professionals with real-world database administration experience. Students receive a 25% discount coupon on certification examinations as an added benefit of George Mason's membership with Oracle University. Effective 2010, books shipped by Oracle Corporation are in electronic format.


The Oracle 12c Database Administration certificate program delivers knowledge of database installation, management and administration tasks and an understanding of the Oracle database architecture.

This hands-on program will teach you to effectively plan, install, configure, administer, query, troubleshoot and manage Oracle Databases.

This very popular certificate program consists of four courses namely Oracle 12c Structured Query Language (SQL), Oracle 12c PL/SQL, Oracle 12c Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle 12c Certified Professional (OCP).

Through hands-on exercises and professional guidance, students will gain a broad, deep, foundation in Oracle Database planning, design, installation and administration. The course includes training on SQL query languages and both levels of Oracle 12c certification: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). The course will prepare students for the Oracle exams, as well as deliver a solid foundation in the real world application of their database skills. Learn how to:

  • Install, configure, and administer Oracle Database systems
  • Manage and maintain an Oracle Database
  • Plan, design and create tables
  • Create and update reports from Oracle Databases
  • Query Oracle databases using SQL and iSQL*Plus to retrieve critical business data
  • Backup and recovery of database systems
  • Tune and optimize a Oracle Database for most efficient use of computer resources

By earning an Oracle Certified Professional credential, database professionals can accelerate their careers and significantly enhance their professional growth.

An Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) database administrator with the 12c credential has mastered the skill sets needed to address critical database functions such as manageability, performance, reliability, security, and availability using the latest Oracle technology.

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Oracle 12c Structured Query Language (SQL)
Oracle 12c PL/SQL
Oracle 12c Certified Associate (OCA)
Oracle 12c Certified Professional (OCP)

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Oracle 12c Structured Query Language (SQL)
Oracle 12c PL/SQL
Oracle 12c Certified Associate (OCA)
Oracle 12c Certified Professional (OCP)



12.8 CEUs
128 Hours
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Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed for individuals who have some computer and database experience and wish to prepare for advanced skills in the installation, configuration and administration of Oracle Enterprise Databases. Related experience might include familiarity with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, programming and/or other databases.

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