NoSQL with Accumulo training in Washington DC
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TAIT 0528: NoSQL with Accumulo


Accumulo is an open source NoSQL database that follows a sorted, distributed key/value store based on the BigTable technology from Google. Written in Java, Accumulo has cell-level access labels and server-side programming mechanisms.

This hands on course is designed to teach and implement Accumulo’s unique feature about “Data-Centric” security features. Data today is transformed and reused for different analysis applications, it’s advantageous for the database to keep track of itself on who is allowed to see the data, rather than repeatedly implementing rules in each application that uses this data.

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Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed for individuals who have prior Java programming experience.

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Course Outline Detail

Accumulo Background
A history of NOSQL
A survey of lightly structured stores
Design drivers for Accumulo

Installation and Startup
Environment setup
Basic Accumulo configuration
Running process control scripts
Using Accumulo administrative tools (shell and monitor)

Overview of Accumulo Architecture
Defining the sorted Key/Value space
Range selection and filtering
Table/Tablet organization
Processes and inter-process communication
Control and data flow for read and write operations

API Introduction
Keys, Values, and Mutations
Instances and Connectors
BatchWriter, Scanner, BatchScanner

Application Design
Diagramming table schemas / flexible schemas
Basic indexing theory
Information retrieval design patterns
Joins and pre-joins

Advanced Topics
Hadoop ecosystem integration
Relational operations on Accumulo

Advanced API
Bulk load
ACID/BASE semantics

Cell-level security
Defining domain-specific authorizations
Trust boundaries

Partition Management
Column- and Row-orientation
Row schemas
Locality groups

Information retrieval
Document-distributed indexes
Partitioned joins with the IntersectingIterator


OLAP cube shells
Query-time vs. compaction-time aggregation

Additional Applications
Graph search
Machine learning

Relationship to relational database
Data definition languages
Pre-joined indexes

Custom iterators
The SortedKeyValueIterator Interface
Filters and Combiners
Lookup Iterators and seeking

Performance optimization
Hot spots and bottlenecks
Managing parallelism


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3.2 CEUs
32 Hours
Onsite Opportunity

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