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TAIT 0530: MongoDB


MongoDB, a cross-platform document-oriented database, is a very popular NoSQL database built to provide easier and faster integration of data in certain types of applications. In this hands-on course we will understand the structural aspects powering MongoDB. We will also compare traditional RDBMS vs NoSQL Databases to give participants a better understanding of which works better. Participants will be able to understand the advantages and limitations of MongoDB and will work towards developing a MongoDB based analytical application. The course is taught by instructors working in the industry who are adept at cloud infrastructure.

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Audience and Prerequisites

This hands-on course is designed for participants who have:

1. Basic knowledge of Java or any other Object Oriented Programming Language.
2. Basic Understanding of SQL 
3. Experience in developing Web Applications

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Course Outline Detail

Introduction to MongoDB

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Creating, Updating, and Deleting Documents.
  • Querying

Designing your Application

  • Indexing
  • Special Index and Collection Types
  • Aggregation
  • Application Design


  • Setting Up a Replica Set
  • Components if a Replica set
  • Connecting to a Replica Set from Your Application
  • Administration


  • Introduction to Sharding
  • Configuring Sharding
  • Choosing a Shard Key
  • Sharding Administration

Application Administration

  • Seeing What Your Application is Doing
  • Data Administration
  • Durability

Server Administration

  • Starting and Stopping MongoDB
  • Monitoring MongoDB
  • Making Backups
  • Deploying MongoDB

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2.4 CEUs
24 Hours
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