CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional) training and certificate in Washington DC
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TAIT 0607: Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)



Many organizations have adopted security in the software development lifecycle. In today's interconnected world, security must be included within each phase of the software lifecycle. This course contains the largest, most comprehensive, collection of best practices, policies, and procedures, to ensure a security initiative across all phases of application development, regardless of methodology.
Although there are no hands-on computer exercises, this course will build a strong conceptual knowledge of security techniques and prepare students for the CSSLP certification exam as well as build their skill sets to move forward in real world secure software development careers.

Through eight CSSLP modules, students will broaden and deepen their knowledge of implementing security in the software development lifecycle. Students are also prepared for the CSSLP certification exam.

Audience and Prerequisites

Each software lifecycle stakeholder is responsible for certain phase(s) of the SDLC, but all phases must have security built into them. CSSLP is for all the stakeholders involved in the process e.g. Software Architect, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Application Security Specialist, Program Manager, QA Tester, Penetration Tester, Software Analyst, Project Manager, Security Manager, IT Director/Manager etc.
Related experience must include a minimum of at least three years  of  professional work experience in software development.

Course Outline Detail

CSSLP Course

Domain 1: Secure Software Concepts

Domain 2: Secure Software Requirements

Domain 3: Secure Software Design

Domain 4: Secure Software Implementation/Coding

Domain 5: Secure Software Testing

Domain 6: Software Acceptance

Domain 7: Software Deployment, Operations, Maintenance and Disposal

Domain 8: Supply Chain and Software Acquisition


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8.0 CEUs
80 Hours
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