Designing Cyber Security Solution in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland
George Mason University, Volgenau School of Engineering

TAIT 0611: Designing a Cyber Security Solution


The protection of critical assets and data is not only a good practice, but has become absolutely critical to any organization. Whether the organization belongs to the public or private sector, academia, non-profits, and every organization in between, we now know that we must secure our systems. But How? The current Cyber landscape is immense, yet, as an industry, we cannot even agree how to spell Cyber Security, let alone agree on a common design (is it spelled “Cyber Security”, “Cybersecurity”, or perhaps “CyberSecurity”?). What path do we take? Which vendor do we listen to? This hands-on course focuses on taking the information we learn and begin to develop a Cyber and Information Security program that participants can take with them to use in their offices, and even at home!

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed for Information Technology professionals (with experience in either networking, help desk, programming, databases, cloud computing, or information security) who want to learn how to design a Cyber Security solution.

Course Outline Detail

Overview of System and Network Security
Building a Secure Organization
Detecting System Intrusions
Preventing System Intrusions
Guarding against Network Intrusions
Securing Cloud Computing Systems
Fault Tolerance and Resilience in Cloud Computing Environments
Securing Web Applications, Services, and Servers
Unix and Linux Security
Eliminating the Security Weakness of Linux and Unix Operating Systems
Internet Security
The Botnet Problem
Intranet Security
Local Area Network Security
Wireless Network Security
Wireless Sensor Network Security
Cellular Network Security
RFID Security
Optical Network Security
Optical Wireless Security

Privacy and Access Management
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Personal Privacy Policies
Detection of Conflicts in Security Policies
Supporting User Privacy Preferences in Digital Interactions
Privacy and Security in Environmental Monitoring Systems
Virtual Private Networks
Identity Theft
VoIP Security

Encryption Technology
Data Encryption
Satellite Encryption
Public Key Infrastructure
Password Based Authenticated Key Establishment Protocols
Instant Messaging Security

Practical Security
System Security
Securing the Infrastructure
Access Controls
Assessments and Audits
Fundamentals of Cryptography


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4.0 CEUs
40 Hours
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