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TAIT 0808: Agile Scrum Practitioner


The Agile Scrum Practitioner course is for participants who want to become Scrum Masters in an Agile business environment. The purpose of this course is to provide participants with a solid grasp of Agile Scrum from both a methodology and technical perspective. The course will focus on learning the principles, methodologies, and best practices of being a Scrum Master, while specifically addressing the roles, planning, techniques, and monitoring for practical application in modern business situations. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Scrum, how to be a successful Scrum Master, how to prepare for the challenges, plan and execute a successful Agile Scrum project.  Participants will gain knowledge, skills, and learn about tools needed to become an effective Scrum Master. The objectives of the course are that participants will:   

  • Fully understand Agile methodology and the Scrum framework
  • Recognize the roles in an Agile project
  • Be able to perform effective Sprint planning
  • Monitor and report on the progress of a project with multiple sprints
  • Understand the best practices and challenges of Agile Scrum 

Audience and Prerequisites

This hands-on course with instructional lectures and labs is designed for participants who want to increase their current job productivity or actively pursue a role as Scrum Master in the modern business world.

Course Outline Detail

Understanding Agile/Scrum
Overview of the Agile methodology using Scrum 
What makes Scrum different
Variations of Agile/Scrum
Determining the right methodology for your project
Planning, roles, meetings, reviews, and artifacts

Scrum Teams
Team Members
Product Owner
The Scrum Master
Development Team, and a Scrum Master

Scrum in Action
The Sprint
Setting the Sprint Goal
Setting Expectations
Building and Grooming the Product Backlog 
Sprint Planning
Setting a Time Box
Parallel development & collaboration
Building a Sprint Backlog 
Stories, tasks (and Requirements)
Capacity, Estimating, and pointing stories
Starting the Sprint
A Daily Scrum
Knowing what has been accomplished
Knowing what will be accomplished
Handling impediments
Including Agile testing
Adding to Technical Debt

A Sprint Review
Team Review
Business Review
A Sprint Retrospective
Refining the Product Backlog
Closing the Sprint
Sprint Retrospective

Monitoring Sprint Progress
Burn down / Burn up
Definition of "Done"



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2.4 CEUs
24 Hours
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